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In vitro fertilization (IVF), is practiced worldwide to assist couples with fertility problems to have a baby.

Good IVF practice involves:

• Detailed patient medical history and pre-treatment investigations

• Preparation of both the female and male to optimize gamete (egg and sperm) quality

• Stimulation of the female to grow more follicles in order to collect eggs from the ovary

• Insemination of the eggs with specifically prepared and selected sperm (ICSI)

• Culture of the embryos to the blastocyst stage of development

• Embryo transfer of developmentally competent embryos back to the female

• Embryo freezing for all competent embryos

• Embryo biopsy – where indicated – for genetic testing of embryos

First Fertility Clinic Group looks to optimize all steps in the IVF process in order to achieve the best results.

The procedure involves surgically removing several eggs from a woman’s ovaries for fertilization with sperm that have been specifically selected due to showing high performance. At First Fertility Center we use a clean room to carry this procedure in order to avoid any foreign bacteria coming into contact with the eggs.

In modern IVF practices doctors are now able to help the couple or individual involved in the IVF process increase the success rate. Also, the technological advancements in IVF have meant that we can tell you the gender of the embryo for medical reasons and avoid other problems such as the risk of Down syndrome.

Once the specific embryo(s) has been identified as having the best success rate, transfer back to woman’s womb where the embryo will develop into a healthy baby.

Bangkok is one of the most experienced and best equipped infertility centers in Asia which has help thousands of coupled achieve their dream of having baby.